December 27, 2002

New Years Resolutions

Just wanted to make sure that we all have some quality resolutions to make....I know you're not all perfect out there (yet).

Me? I'm still thinking about it.

Definitely something along the lines of grabbing the bull by the horns and making something interesting and new happen.....but the specifics are still "to be determined".


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December 21, 2002

Looking for new Music, Books, Movies, etc?

Gnod - The global network of dreams

Gnod (and their affiliated sites, like Gnoosic) will help you find related titles of entertainment based upon what you already like. Just type in bands of music you already listen to and it will return a list of other bands that are good potentials....very cool.

Apparently when the website was first started, there were no entries in the database. Then from user input and rankings, it built a database capable of suggesting new items based upon your input....

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December 20, 2002

DraganFlyer III : This would be a ton of fun!

RCTOYS.COM // Draganflyer III Gyro Stabilized Helicopter

Saw this on a TV show tonight....lots of fun! The only real drawback is the flying time -- only 5 minutes per charge. Oh, and the price is a bit high too.

I think that we could easily manufacture a similar gas model to give it some real punch, and then sell it like mad bandits!

It uses 3 separate piezo/solid-state gyros to watch the yaw/pitch/attitude. Probably a simple microprocessor with some clever code in it controls the 4 motors to keep it stable. Any added input from the remote control just tweaks these numbers for a stable flying pattern.

Is it patented? Hrm.....

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WILDCAT RoadPatcher Patcher

I'll let you decide for yourself.

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Robotic Surgical System: I Should Work for Them

Computer Motion Inc. - The Leader in Medical Robotics

This is one of 2 robotic systems out there that I know of. If I remember right the other one is called Da Vinci...?

Honestly, this stuff will really revolutionze surgery...and already has. Some time ago I watched an operation on Discover Health that was a heart valve replacement - and they performed the surgery through 3 or 4, one inch incisions! Normally this surgery would require a 12" cut and cutting open of the breastbone....revolutionary.

Anyway, I think I should check this company out and see if they need any whiz-bang biomedical engineers to fix this stuff or to build their training/service program. With my background, I'd fit right in....

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December 18, 2002

Hubble Space Telescope Photos

Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures

Take a look at a large collection of some superb images from Hubble, provided by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Best surfing probably comes via the "Pictures Organized by Subject" link....

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Let's not forget Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin - The Internet's Celebrity Nude Movie Reviews

For those of you who would like to find nude scenes from your favorite actress, Mr. Skin is the place. It's been around for a while, and you may have heard of it, but it's always fun to take a look around.

Besides, you may find inspiration to rent a long forgotten movie. BTW, you don't actually see any nudity here, unless you pay the cheap subscription fee.

Great research tool, though.

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December 17, 2002

Firewire Drives and more

Little Big Hard Drives (

Fun stuff! Western Digital's less-than-creatively-named External Hard Drive 200GB outstrips even most internal hard drives....around $400!

And I like this feature:

Better yet, the 5000DV (and other 5000-series external drives) includes a small blue button on the front to back up your data. Install the bundled Retrospect Express backup software for Windows or Mac and you can launch the backup process with a tap of that button.

This seemed like a gimmick, but it actually worked for us. The presence of the button on top of the PC kept inviting a press and got us to save our data regularly, just as we've been telling everybody else to do for years.


Nice. Way better than backing up to CD-RW...

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US Drug Czar Walters beats up on the Canadians

U.S. drug czar slams proposed pot rule changes Marijuana.Com Marijuana, Weed, Pot & Cannabis Information and News regarding Legalization, Cultivation and Drug Testing

There we go again.....let the US try to bully around its close friends and neighbors. At least our Northern friends have a *tad* bit more common sense about drug policies than we do....

"Smoking any amount of marijuana is unhealthy. But the consequences of conviction (of possession) of a small amount of marijuana for personal use are disproportionate to the potential harm," explained Tornsey.

Bingo --

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December 15, 2002

Arianna Huffington: Another great article News | An ad George Bush should love

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