December 20, 2002

DraganFlyer III : This would be a ton of fun!

RCTOYS.COM // Draganflyer III Gyro Stabilized Helicopter

Saw this on a TV show tonight....lots of fun! The only real drawback is the flying time -- only 5 minutes per charge. Oh, and the price is a bit high too.

I think that we could easily manufacture a similar gas model to give it some real punch, and then sell it like mad bandits!

It uses 3 separate piezo/solid-state gyros to watch the yaw/pitch/attitude. Probably a simple microprocessor with some clever code in it controls the 4 motors to keep it stable. Any added input from the remote control just tweaks these numbers for a stable flying pattern.

Is it patented? Hrm.....

Posted by answerguru at December 20, 2002 02:12 AM

I want to make one... contact me if you are still interested in doing this. Landon

Posted by: landon on August 6, 2003 11:30 PM

I'm not sure to what extent this statement is true.

Posted by: traceroute on October 12, 2003 05:57 AM
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