January 23, 2004

Video: See a Real Shockwave

Exponent- Multimedia Plant Explosion

Not a cinema movie, but a video clip of a shockwave emananating ammonium perchlorate plant that exploded in Henderson, Nevada. Root cause: fracture in a 300-psi natural gas transmission line that ran underneath the plant.

Who videotaped this? A radio tower engineer and his crew, who were on a
peak several miles away, servicing a radio tower. Lucky video.

The plant made and stockpiled ammonium perchlorate for
use as an oxidizer in solid rocket motors, in particular the SRM's made
by Morton Thiokol for the space shuttle.

At the time of the blasts, nearly 9 million pounds of the chemical
that PEPCON workers referred to as "AP" or "product" was consumed by
flames or explosions. 2 people died, $70 million in damages to the surrounding community.

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December 24, 2003

I Robot Now

I Robot Now

Website for the forthcoming, I Robot. Coming in July 2004 - order yours today!

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November 03, 2003


Need I say more?Ok, I'll say more. No, no, I won't. Let me think about it for two hours and I'll get back to you on that. Hmmmm... I'm pretty sure I won't say more but I'll keep thinking about it. I'll let you know, or maybe I won't. Just stay tuned watching this screen and maybe more will be written, but probably not. But just in case, keep watching!

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October 23, 2003

Igby Goes Down

Ok, if you want to watch rich people with a lot of problems, then this would be a movie for you. If having too much money would feel like a pressure pushing you down; this is a movie for you. If you like to watch people suffer when they can buy anything they want; this is the movie for you. If you like to see women using their bodies to pay the rent and pretend to be wealthy; this is the movie for you. This movie brings out some of the lesser qualities in human beings that we have all seen and experienced to some extent, but probably not with as much money. Could see.

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October 18, 2003


Following is a black and white film by the director of Memento. The camera angles and disjointed plot create an interesting picture of voyeurism. We follow the world of a sensitive, jobless, struggling writer (as he wishes to be called) and his battle with loneliness. He "follows" people to fend off his longing for human contact, but this backfires when a group of ne'er-do-wells notice his habit and use it for their evil plans. This movie suggests that following people and breaking into their houses can offer you an escape from the banal for a couple of hours. A nice glass of Chianti and some old CD's could change your perspective. Worth watching.

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