July 27, 2005

LED Array Calculator

LED series parallel array wizard

If you ever need to build an array of LEDs and don't feel like calculating the load resistors, this handy little program will do the work for you.

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Spoke P.O.V.

Ian's Spoke POV

POV = Persistence of Vision. I actually designed a basic POV unit in college (back in the day), but it was for a digital design class, so used only discrete logic. These days a small embedded processor would do the trick with more finesse and flexibility....just like the little clocks that are popular these days.

Regardless, this is a POV unit that fits inside the spokes of a bicycle, with a sensor that detects the speed of rotation. The LEDs are turned on accordingly and provide a nice image as you cycle along.

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July 19, 2005



The Gamila Teastick. Cool. Now a simple and cleaner way to brew loose tea....the kind that true tea snobs enjoy. A little pricey at $20, but looks to be well made and the essence of fine design.

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