May 07, 2004

Royalty Free Pics

Picturestation | Royalty-free pictures

It's very hard to find reasonably priced pics for use in web design, digital work, etc....sure you can go to PhotoDisc and end up spending $30-200 per picture, but only if the client it shelling out for it.

Enter PictureStation. The premise is simple...for every 1 photo that you upload, you can download 2. The quality is generally pretty good (with exceptions, of course) and there is a growing database of images and categories.

No restrictions on personal or commercial use either.

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Flash Art and Interaction

Liquid Journey

This site is a brilliant exploration of (often) interactive computer art using Flash. Areas of interest include clever mouse trailers, fractal art and tree generation, and AI "animals" that interact with the mouse / cursor.

All of the source files are free for download and modification with a quick registration.

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May 02, 2004

Bush at his Worst


This is a clip from the David Letterman Show - during a commercial break - where our wonderful President thought it would be ok to clean his eyeglasses using one of the producer's sweaters -- that she was wearing and had her back to him! Manners, manners, George W.

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Photos from Iraq

Some Picture a friend brought back from Iraq

*WARNING: Graphic Content* A series of pictures taken by a US soldier in Iraq.

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Icon Overview

300 Images From 1800 Sites

A collection of icons and images from a variety of mainstream sites that portray a nice range of graphic styles for:

- arrows
- posts
- comments
- mail
- bullets
- print
- carts and bags

Useful reference for any graphic interface.

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