February 11, 2004

Geek Humor

The waters of the Great Flood were receding, and Noah had beached his Ark. The animals were leaving, and he sent them off with the words:

"Go forth and multiply."

Then he heard a plaintive voice from below:
"We can't -- we're Adders."

Noah pondered this dilemma. Struck by sudden inspiration, he said "Follow me!" and led the two snakes down into the ship's galley.

The labor of building the ark had consumed all of Noah's time prior to the flood, and he had mere hours to provide interior furnishings. The crude table made of unfinished tree limbs that graced the galley was one of the few accommodations on board the ark. He carefully pried it loose from the deck to which it had been hastily nailed 40 days ago, and presented it to the snakes with a flourish saying,

"Here. Even adders can multiply on a log table."

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