November 10, 2003

The Art of Burning Man

Burning Man

I've had a long time fascination with large art installments, especially if they are technology oriented. The Art of Burning Man provides a look into some of the more interesting, self-funded group toys and experiments recently created.

Spin is a technology that I did experiments and designs with while getting my BSEE degree.

Lights 2000 worked with a large array of 2000 orange pods that users could control through a remote panel to form huge displays.

Dr. MegaVolt is performance art with Tesla coils and a wire mesh bodysuit.

Beaming Man is a 4000 foot tall body projection that used 3 green lasers totally 13 Watts of projection power.

Telestereoscope is one of my favorite ideas and utilizes a set of mirrors and optics to simulate vision if your eyes were 3 meters apart instead of 2 inches.

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