October 24, 2003

Robotics and Controllers

I've been thinking about robotics quite a bit recently, no thanks to Flesh and Machines by MITs Rodney Brooks and a link about BEAM robots sent to me from Audoen.

Now I've found lots of other interesting stuff including:

Single Board Computers & Peripherals These look like terrific, prebuilt controllers with some specialized software on them. They have the option of running IsoMAX a high level, concurrent process OS and a version of FORTH which has been used in robotics for some time.

In particular, check out the CANipede which uses 6 of their modules. Unfortunately, the modules aren't cheap but they very well could save you a large amount of development time (and we all know tha Time is Money).

Finally the HOAP-2 from Fujitsu Automation does some pretty amazing things. Check out the movie clips they have.

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