August 12, 2003

MIT Courses for the Masses

MIT OpenCourseWare | OCW Home

Kudos to MIT! First open-source OS, then open-source programs, now OPEN-SOURCE MIT COURSES!! I read a nice article about this in Wired...folks from all over the world are logging on to "take" these MIT courses for free....they call it OpenCourseWare.

From the article, it seems that a number of students from universities around the world are using them as an adjunct to their curriculum - and it's really helping them excel. I'm definitely going to investigate what they are offering and take a few myself.....

One of the most noted ones is a EE and CS core course, called 6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering. Seems it really helps lots of folks write better code....hmm....maybe it would help me write better code....

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