November 15, 2002

Dave Murphy: Chasing Ghosts

As most of you know, Dave Murphy is a good friend of mine and a great musician. He's recently released a new CD titled Chasing Ghosts which really brings out some of Dave's new songs with a great acoustic feel.

Dave Murphy's Official Website

With his new LP, Chasing Ghosts, Murphy again takes the indie approach, sculpting every song his way, with the help of co-producer and New Jersey native, Marc Muller. A gifted multi-instrumentalist and performer, Muller has been a member of the Shania Twain Band since 1995 and was a member of the popular, New York based band, The Surreal McCoy's. Over the course of his career, Muller has worked with the likes of Spencer Davis, Branford Marsalis and Tommy Shaw.

On Chasing Ghosts, Murphy brings twelve new songs to the table, and presents them the only way he knows how - simply and honestly, with a whole lot of heart. Muller crafts a sonic masterpiece, instilling Murphy's songs with a new energy and dimension. The duo also enlists the talents and contributions of top-notch musicians, including guitar wizard David Hamburger (Freedy Johnston, Chuck Brodsky, Jack Hardy), drummer-percussionist Graham Hawthorne (Paul Simon), and veteran troubadour Steve Forbert, who lends his voice to a guest appearance on Murphy's song "Quarter Moon Missing".

Some quotes about Dave's music:

About Under the Lights (his debut album):

Performing Songwriter selected Under the Lights as one of its prestigious “Top 12 Picks” in its December 1999 issue. Neil Fagan, of Performing Songwriter, describes Murphy’s work as eloquent and illuminating.

Chris Smith, of Twin Cities Revue (April 29, 1999), called Under the Lights “a tight, focused album that delivers everything it promises” and dubbing Murphy “a musical Raymond Carver”. Smith adds that, “Murphy taps the raw nerve so many struggling songwriters can’t seem to find . . .”

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